-Yozzy's Illustration-

Yozzy always keeps a sketchbook and a pen inside his messenger bag whenever he explores different locations. He creates groundbreaking illustrations from the temples in Kyoto to the surf line in Malibu. Art serves his life and his inspiration. He is also an expert in Japanese brush painting and oil painting.

Freehand Illustration

Yozzy's grandfather taught him the foundation for Japanese Brush Calligraphy called "Sumi-e". In junior high, his mentor encouraged him to use mixed media with oil paints and acrylic. As an adult, Yozzy enjoys collaborating working with both illustrations and digital arts to convey the concepts to his clients.

Digital Art

While rocking to the songs of alternative genre, Yozzy creates graphic arts based on his rendition of fashion trends, music entertainment, and fine arts galore. His marketing guru highly recommended him to explore the world of advertising and graphic arts industry when he was a rebellious young adult.