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Graphic Design

Yozzy's Graphic Design YozzyCrow is a one-stop service when it comes down to the whole graphic design package that involves corporate identity, branding, social media, and marketing all rolled into one. As a visionary, there is always a story behind every single idea. Enter into the world of Yozzy’s Design...


Yozzy's Fashion Fashion is second nature to Yozzy’s passion. As a luxurious fashion stylist, in the streets of Tokyo, he communicates that the absolute necessity for a statement piece in a collection is a nice pair of polished shoes to synergize with the whole wardrobe head-to-toe. Luxury Stylist Yozzy worked...


Yozzy's Photography Inspired by a beginning photography class, taken as an extension class to broaden his field, Yozzy embarked on spontaneous road trips with a point-and-shoot camera gears across the coasts of Southern California. During these moments, Yozzy escapes into his own introspective world, photographing the great landscapes, the unique...

About Me


I’m so excited to launch my site–yozzycrow–dedicated to the creation of philosophical visual experiences. I create for numerous mediums and strongly believe in work that delights, entices, and inspires.
I’m passionate about being a graphic artist and inspire others to appreciate the little things in life, because ultimately the central theme “zen” in my artworks is what captivates audience around the world. This site is special as it provides one unique place where I can share my digital projects, acrylic paintings, and sketch thumbnails in order to fuel an interactive conversation within an amazing community of common interests and kindred spirits.
So please feel free to browse through my website and let’s share ideas. I can communicate your ideas to a canvas by freehand sketching and then digitally manipulating it into Adobe Creative Suite. I look forward to making new friends here, and getting to know all of you better!

Bon Voyage,